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Anomaly Content Manager – What’s on this September?

What’s on this September? Find out in this new monthly feature which focuses on all the things you can expect this month on the Anomaly Content Manager. In this blog post you can keep up to date with what we have planned for schools in the upcoming month. You can find a full list of the content as well as some content we are specifically looking to push out this month.

Here’s a full list of content that is scheduled for this month: the water cycle, democracy, french phrases, how the internet works, pupil premium, Queen Victoria, bullying, eggs, breakfast, oranges, headlice, allergies, using the right toothbrush, sustainable energy, CO2 emissions, dodgeball, athletics, learning to swim, warming up.

Below you can find some popular topics that we will be trying to promote specifically whilst rolling out content for September.


This September we will be talking all about democracy. Democracy is often a tough subject for people in school to understand. Understanding democracy is always something that we are trying to promote. This month we have produced content which is full of information about the basics of what a democratic society is. The content is specifically tailored for all ages to make it easy to incorporate in any school environment.

French phrases

Incorporating a second language at an early age is always a great way to expand a young persons mind. That’s why we have produced content which is all about french phrases. This is the third installment of our “french phrases” videos. In this installment, we take a look at how to ask questions and introduce yourself in French.


At Anomaly we have always been keen enthusiasts of exercise. We’ve wrote blog posts before all about sport and exercise before. Why not take a look by clicking here? We’ve produced content all about exercise and sport before. That’s why, this month, we’ve produced new content all about exercise. Some topics include, dodgeball, javeline, swimming, warming up and much more.

How the internet works

With technology in particular on the rise, we’ve produced content talking all about the internet. Similar to exercise we have wrote content specifically tailored to technology before which can be found here. It can be often confusing and even boring to some students to talk about how the internet works, but understanding more about technology will allow students to have a better grasp on certain topics when they are implemented into the curriculum.


Our final main topic in our “what’s on” blog post is headlice. Every year when schools go back there always seems to be a surge of headlice. This piece of content is an animation about nits at school.

Hopefully you enjoyed our first issue of “what’s on”. This will be a monthly feature that takes a look at “what’s on” throughout the month.

If you would like to incorporate any Anomaly technology into your school or event, or find out more about our vast range of services in the education sector please do not hesitate to call us on 0844 579 0880 or alternatively you can email us on the usual address

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