Anomaly Group
Following the successful provision of unique external Anomaly Screens for thousands of schools in the UK and changing several construction market leaders, we’re now taking a look at a preexisting division at Anomaly. In this blog post, we’re looking at Anomaly Film and the work we will be carrying out over the next couple of weeks. Our approach has changed, we’ve come up with a new solution which aims to improve film studies in schools and introduce a new digital alternative. Creating film is very popular with a lot of our schools. Anomaly Film offers a complete film kit for schools. Anomaly Film is a film kit which embraces the use of green screen technology. Over the next couple of weeks we’re revamping our support material in addition to creating a brand new website. Anomaly Film YouTube channel  changing anomaly film Over the summer we’ve been looking at some of the challenges that face schools when using digital technology in schools. Over the summer we’ve created a number of videos for our schools to enjoy. These videos are all tutorials which should help schools make the most out of their digital technology. You can expect to see these videos at the back end of August, just before schools go back. From that point, videos will roll out monthly. In addition to these videos, we’re always happy to help with any problems or queries you may have about the Anomaly system so please do not hesitate to give us a call. Anomaly Film website We revamped our current Anomaly Film website at the end of the last year after we had established that schools needed to know more about the service. Our website aimed to inform schools all about the Anomaly Film service in addition to showcasing the achievements of our hundreds of schools who have opted for the service. A couple months down the line and we realised we needed a revamp of our platform to better showcase the work that our wonderful schools have done. We’re aiming to have the website ready and waiting for schools just before everyone goes back for September. If you would like to incorporate any Anomaly technology into your workplace, or find out more about our vast range of services in the education and construction sector please do not hesitate to call us on 0844 579 0880 or alternatively you can email us on the usual address Twitter | Facebook