3 things YOU need to know about Anomaly UK

If you’ve often wondered about Anomaly and how we are improving schools across the UK with green screen technology, digital indoor and outdoor screens and media for schools, then this blog post if for you. Discover more as we give an insight for schools all over the UK to how they can change their school with the Anomaly service.

One of the main things we pride ourselves on at Anomaly is our ability to offer first class customer support. We deal with schools all over the UK on a daily basis, listening to your questions and giving you the information you need to embrace our digital noticeboards. We regularly check up with our schools to ensure that they are making use out of their Anomaly equipment. We understand that it can be a struggle to come up with ideas but we aim to tackle this by keeping schools up to date with the latest trends. We also offer continuous posts on our blog covering tips and tricks to make the most out of your Anomaly equipment. Additionally, we plan to launch our Anomaly YouTube channel in the future which will have tutorials, tips and tricks for not only schools but for anyone to enjoy.

At Anomaly, we’re proud to showcase our creative team who work tirelessly to keep up to date with recent changes, trends in education and produce professional content. Our expert graphic designers spend all their time ensuring that the right content is created and displayed on our screens. In addition to this, we publish ALL content prior to the content being displayed on our screens, this is usually shown on our blog at the start of each month. We also understand that some content may not be enough for some schools so when schools ask us to make some content, we will do this at no extra charge.

The third and final thing you need to know about Anomaly is that we’re always here for you. Regardless of your issue, we’re always here to offer a helping hand. Why not give us a call on 0844 579 0880 if you’re ever struggling for motivation with your equipment?

If you would like to incorporate any Anomaly technology into your school or find out more about our vast range of services in the education sector please do not hesitate to call us on 0844 579 0880 or alternatively you can email us on the usual Twitter | Facebook