Active learning and the FA community shield

With the FA community shield just around the corner, in this blog post Anomaly UK will be looking at promoting active learning in relation to the upcoming event. The new football season is upon us with the FA community shield taking place this Sunday. With Chelsea winning the premier league last season with eight point cushion over second placed Manchester City and Arsenal winning the FA cup. The two will meet this Sunday at the Wembley stadium to kick off at 3PM, with Arsenal looking to retain the FA community shield. But how can schools promote active learning in relation to the FA community shield? Using Anomaly screens, schools will be able to tailor specific content to be streamed with ease.  With Anomaly screens it’s easy to tailor content to fit the school curriculum. It’s important to plan for the new term during the summer time.  Why not promote active learning following the students return to school in relation to the FA community shield? Here’s a video we made talking about promoting active learning: At Anomaly we’re always willing to listen to ideas from new and existing Anomaly schools. Our number is 0844 579 0880 alternatively you can drop us a quick message at if you want to discuss your ideas in more detail. Twitter | Facebook