Anomaly step up their marketing strategy

Anomaly step up their marketing strategy to gain national recognition! In this blog post Anomaly will be exploring its current and previous marketing strategy. We will also cover Anomaly’s understanding of the need for businesses to make use of digital marketing tools in order to thrive in the modern world. In the previous blog post we talked about revamping our website to make it up to date with current trends and information. In this blog I (Louis) will be talking about joining Anomaly and helping to revamp their marketing strategy. The initial marketing strategy Prior to my arrival at Anomaly, we already had an active audience on all social media platforms, as well as averaging a couple of sessions on the website, but Anomaly deserved to be an established brand. Anomaly had never hired someone for this type of role previously which gave me room to explore my ideas in relation to digital marketing. My initial response was to completely reword all the copy on the website and make it more search engine friendly. Anomaly did not have a company blog, which I was more than happy to start and incorporate all over our website. How could we improve? In my first week at Anomaly, I came up with an initial marketing strategy. The main points that came up were that we needed to make the website responsive on all devices. Next, I went on to have a look at our copy on the website. Although the copy wasn’t bad, it needed more keywords and a clear direction to what it is that Anomaly offered as a company. After studying competitors actions and how they presented their brand, some copy was written for the website. Another area that this led to was to include keyword in the title tags of our website, which has shown great results. I also made sure that all social media links were prominent on each page. This leads me on to our social media, as explained before we already had an active following on Twitter but it was important that the following continued to grow. That’s when we introduced the Anomaly blog which offers news related to Anomaly. This allowed us to give a constant stream of content on all social media pages. The results Anomaly gave me the opportunity to project my ideas to take the business forward and I feel that we have had an amazing response in my first month here. Traffic to our website has improved drastically, our social media pages have improved and hopefully this will lead to national recognition for Anomaly after implementing this marketing strategy. Twitter | Facebook