Anomaly’s most popular product

Out of all of the products and services we offer, green screens, digital signage, digital media services (the list goes on!); we’ve started noticing one becoming more and more popular with our schools. The product we’re talking about is our 55” Anomaly screen, also known as the “mummy screen”, has recently earned the title of “Anomaly’s most popular product”! Our 55” is in the middle of our size range, only exceeded by the bigger 65” “daddy screen.” Schools all over the UK have warmed to the “mummy screen” and it’s easy to see why, big enough to be noticed by passers by from a long distance, it gives it an edge on all other competitors. Winefreds - Ext We think you’ll agree that these 55″ screens make a real impact in the playground and we can’t wait to see how the schools put them to use in celebrating pupil achievements and communicating with parents. anomaly digital indoor and outdoor screen for schools At Anomaly we always get people enquiring and asking about the screens, and every single time we are happy to help. We also pride ourselves on the fact that we have a dedicated field-based support team on hand to aid our schools every step of the way. As always if you want more information about how Anomaly can improve your digital media experience be sure to give us a call on 0844 579 0880, alternatively you can drop us an email at Twitter | Facebook