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Encourage healthy lifestyles with Anomaly

Using Anomaly screens to promote a healthy lifestyle is one of the main aims of Anomaly. With figures revealing that a third of children leaving primary school are obese, our graphics department have been working pedal to the metal over the summer to create some fresh, new and engaging pieces of content, that aren’t quite your traditional ‘follow an instructor’ exercise videos.

These videos immerse pupils into game shows or even a whole new world, which will get them moving around – without them even realising. Through the gap is a series of videos asking the viewer to get their body into a position that matches the gap in the panel. This tests viewers flexibility, balance and strength to be able to hold the positions. 5 levels are currently available, with more planned including levels in pairs and
small teams. Through gap
Monster Moves: Why do normal yoga when you could do monster moves yoga? This series asks the viewer to mirror the moves of the monsters and tests their memory at the end to see if they can recall the moves they have learnt. MM 2 Curious Manor: Can you help with the strange events going on at the Curious Manor? This series enlists the help of the viewer to perform physical activities to test the whole body and help rid the manor of the curious happenings. Viewers can be asked anything from helping to karate chop flying plates (improving hand-eye coordination) to ducking down to avoid the swinging lights (strengthening the lower body by squatting).CM 1 With new series planned and more in the pipeline on current series in terms of levels, difficulty and duration, pupils can get healthy by recording which levels they can complete and which they need to work on. They can even build on teamwork and co-operation with the levels that require pair work or small teams. Keep an eye out for more of these videos throughout the year!

If you would like to incorporate any Anomaly technology into your school or find out more about our vast range of services in the education sector please do not hesitate to call us on 0844 579 0880 or alternatively you can email us on the usual address Twitter | Facebook