Making a mask to help others

10k free masks to be given away
A Lancashire business is throwing its time and resources into providing face masks to schools, food banks and other community organisations.
In normal times The Anomaly Group is focused on delivering health and wellbeing TV communication to thousands of schoolchildren across the UK. 
The business, based on Clifton Fields, Preston, installs large external screens in school outdoor areas. 
Covid-19 hit the business hard so managing director Phil Austin switched his focus to providing face masks for free.
He said: “In the early stages of the onset of the pandemic, schools around the UK became increasingly worried about safety of pupils and teaching staff. That’s when Anomaly decided to source and provide free face masks to schools around the UK, to try and provide some small level of support.
“Today over 10,000 face masks have been distributed
with the initiative continuing.”
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Anomaly sourced the PPE from its business contacts in China. A large amount of Anomaly’s hardware is built in Shenzhen and the company commissioned their agent in China to source non-surgical face masks.
These masks are suitable for public use, but not the type of masks used by the NHS.
With the Covid-19 situation across Lancashire remaining unpredictable, Anomaly has purchased a further 10,000 masks which it wishes to distribute to various vulnerable groups across the region. Now the company is asking that schools, foodbanks and community centres help to distribute these masks by registering at after which supplies of free masks will be delivered to these partners for distribution. 
The company has made a firm commitment to give away, rather than to sell, the PPE equipment it acquires. 
The company has made a firm commitment to give away, rather than to sell, the PPE equipment it acquires. 
Phil said: “We have worked in the education sector so I think it’s important that we help out now. “It’s not just schools. There
will be vulnerable people who need face masks so I think that community centres and other similar places would be the ideal places to distribute those.”
“It has disappointing to see companies springing up and profiteering from this crisis by selling PPE at inflated prices.”
Phil admits the impact of COVID-19 has been felt by the Anomaly Group and that the business may be forced to make some difficult decisions. 
The business of installing screens in workplaces is starting to show signs of recovery, but there has been a long period of little work coming in. 
In the meantime, Phil and the staff have been happy to throw their efforts into providing PPE for free.