What’s on this October? Find out in this monthly feature which focuses on all the things you can expect this month on the Anomaly Content Manager. Anomaly Content Manager is a tailored platform designed for schools to get the most out of their Anomaly screens. In this blog post, find out what will be displayed on our screens both in Primary and Secondary schools throughout October, as we’re back approaching half term and those colder, darker winter days! Showing on screens:
  • How did parliament begin? (Primary and Secondary)
  • Terrestrial planets – info on Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars (Primary and Secondary)
  • Maths and Money – working out basic transactions with money (Primary only)
  • Biology anatomy – looking at the major muscles (Secondary only)
  • Saurischia dinosaurs – facts about this sub-group of dinosaurs (Primary only)
  • Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic achievments (Primary and Secondary)
  • Laura Trott – Mind teaser facts with this Olympian (Primary and Secondary)
  • Advice about bullying (Primary and Secondary versions)
  • Recipe to make your own pizza (Primary and Secondary versions)
  • Health benefits of eating cinnamon (Primary and Secondary)
  • Importance of protein in a balanced diet (Primary only)
  • Chicken – why it’s a good source of protein (Secondary only)
  • Eco-friendly TVs and other electricals (Secondary only)
  • Reducing carbon footprint (Secondary only)
  • Explaining climate change (Primary only)
  • Encouraging pupils to put litter in the bin (Primary only)
  • Washing hands properly to prevent spreading infection (Primary only)
  • Colds and how to prevent spreading infection (Primary and Secondary versions)
  • How to build positive self-esteem (Secondary only)
  • Hockey: Dribbling with the ball (Primary only)
  • Netball: Shooting the ball (Primary only)
  • Benefits of walking to school (Primary and Secondary versions)
  • How to do tricep dips (Secondary only)
  • Benefits of dancing (Secondary only)
  • Why basketball is good for you (Primary only)
  • Explaining the uses of braces (Secondary only)
  • Importance of brushing your teeth (Primary only)
  • Looking at the career of airport security (Secondary only)
  • Looking at the career of a swimming instructor (Secondary only)
Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics With Team GB having so many successes in the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games, we thought it was only right that we create a video celebrating these achievements and in doing so, inspire pupils to try a new sport themselves. Olympic/Paralympic Achievements As our ‘Who am I’ fact videos are a popular addition to playlists, we’ve made special Olympic and Paralympic versions, with facts about Olympic and Paralympic heroes. These videos are available instantly in the library, just search ‘Olympics’ or ‘Paralympics’ to see the selection. Drop these videos into your playlists to inspire pupils to follow in the footsteps taken by these individuals to become Olympic and Paralympic heroes! Laura Trott WAI Activate Camps: Netball Over the summer, we teamed up with Activate Camps to produce various videos which can be used to promote active learning in your schools. This month, we’re highlighting the first of our Netball series and showing an interactive sports lesson on how best to shoot and get a goal. Keep your eyes peeled for further new sports content with Activate Camps! Netball shooting skills Mental Health: Self-esteem It can be tough tackling your emotions as a teenager, but a positive self-esteem can work wonders. With this in mind, we’ve created a video with tips about building and maintaining a positive self-esteem. This is the first of our brand new mental health series for secondary age pupils, which aims to help teenagers understand their feelings and encourage them to speak to an adult about their emotions. Attendance – parent reminder Attendance is important and our video about this is always a popular choice to put in playlists. Now we’ve got a version aimed at parents to relay how important it is that their child attends school and that they could face a fine for unexplained absences. Just schedule this to play during drop off/collection time! In addition to pre-existing content we have on our screens, schools can also request new content to meet their needs; please don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s something you would like to see! If you would like to incorporate any Anomaly technology into your school, or find out more about our vast range of services in the education sector please do not hesitate to call us on 0844 579 0880 or alternatively you can email us on the usual address info@anomalygroup.co.uk Twitter | Facebook

With the FA community shield just around the corner, in this blog post Anomaly UK will be looking at promoting active learning in relation to the upcoming event. The new football season is upon us with the FA community shield taking place this Sunday. With Chelsea winning the premier league last season with eight point cushion over second placed Manchester City and Arsenal winning the FA cup. The two will meet this Sunday at the Wembley stadium to kick off at 3PM, with Arsenal looking to retain the FA community shield. But how can schools promote active learning in relation to the FA community shield? Using Anomaly screens, schools will be able to tailor specific content to be streamed with ease.  With Anomaly screens it’s easy to tailor content to fit the school curriculum. It’s important to plan for the new term during the summer time.  Why not promote active learning following the students return to school in relation to the FA community shield? Here’s a video we made talking about promoting active learning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VAvut42bNE At Anomaly we’re always willing to listen to ideas from new and existing Anomaly schools. Our number is 0844 579 0880 alternatively you can drop us a quick message at info@anomalygroup.co.uk if you want to discuss your ideas in more detail. Twitter | Facebook