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2018 was a great year for Anomaly creating lots of new content with some brilliant charities and companies.


Bullying is a subject which Anomaly takes very seriously. According to a BBC report, children who are bullied can still experience negative effects on their physical and mental health more than 40 years later. That’s why we are incredibly proud to be working with BullyingUK to create some fantastic content.

In October 2018, with the help of BullyingUK and the wonderful ideas from Year 6 at Childs Hill School in London, we created together a series of videos about bullying and choosing kindness. Each video showed a situation where someone was experiencing bullying and showed the viewer what would happen if you joined in the bullying, or chose kindness instead. These fantastic videos are now a staple in our Anomaly Content Library.

Rocksteady music school

Mental health problems affect around 1 in 10 children today. At the start of 2018, we teamed up with Rocksteady Music School to help tackle this statistic. Together, we’ve produced videos that cover all aspects of mental health and problems pupils could suffer in silence with. These videos reassure pupils they are not alone and to talk to someone they trust if they are feeling anything negative.

Safer Internet Day

2018 was the third year we’ve worked with Safer Internet Day and showcased their videos on our Anomaly screens. We show a brand new set of age-appropriate videos produced by Safer Internet Day every February. They are also available in your Anomaly Content Manager library all year.

We’re extremely pleased to announce we will be supporting Safer Internet Day for a fourth year in 2019. Drop the new 2019 videos into your playlist and help to inspire conversations about ‘using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.’ 


We look forward to producing more content this year with these brilliant organisations and expanding our list of partners!


If you would like to work with Anomaly or find out more about our vast range of services in the education sector please do not hesitate to call us on 0844 579 0880 or alternatively you can email us on the usual address


At Anomaly we’re proud to say that customer service is one area that we take great pride in. In this blog post we’ll be introducing you to the Anomaly help desk team and covering some frequently asked questions and hopefully providing you with some useful information. With vast amounts of experience the Anomaly help desk is made up of a team of 3 and is based at our headquarters in Manchester, UK. Team members include, Sam, Louis and Adam, all 3 of which coming from different technical backgrounds which in total make up the Anomaly help desk team. They’ve been very busy since the birth of Anomaly, offering a problem free service to make sure that any report any of our schools make is dealt with in a calm and professional manner. Here are some common problems and FAQs that the team hears on the help desk: Logging on issue  – Check that the URL is correct in the format, IP/schoolweb/public, otherwise it will bring up an error message. No signal/input 25 – This usually means that the screen is on the wrong input. Use the input/source button on the remote and select the PC input. Unable to upload – Press the compatibility icon on Internet Explorer address bar and it will highlight blue, now you should be able to upload. Regardless if you’re facing a technical problem or you just want a quick chat about Anomaly’s services please don’t be hesitate to call us on 0844 579 0880, alternatively you can email us at Twitter | Facebook

Talking about the weather, being overly polite, fish and chips, moaning, just some of the things that mean you’re British! But what does it actually mean to be British? In this blog post, Anomaly is going to be looking at promoting British values in school and what it means to be British and they’re telling this story by using digital media. Schools all over the UK are using green screen technology to promote British values, and they are all using Anomaly’s products. Goole based Kingsway Primary School are also in the spotlight as they have utilised our green screen technology in their school to produce a video about the subject, showcasing their students knowledge on the subject and proving their ability to use a digital media alternative to learning in their school. Below you will find a video produced by the students, utilising green screens, and talking all about promoting British values. Proven digital media techniques are always a hit in schools, incorporating fun and fitting in with the school curriculum. You can find a link to Kingsway Primary School’s website here. You can also find useful links to our website and the services we offer here. Twitter | Facebook

One of our schools, Wold Academy, demonstrated their digital media success using our green screen products by showcasing their knowledge of History. The year 5 pupils from Wold Academy, Hull showed that our portable filming studio can be incorporated into all areas of the curriculum regardless of the subject with their captivating news reports set in Anglo-Saxon times. Using green screen filming techniques, the pupils of Wold Academy are able to bring to life what they have learnt about the Battle of Hastings using digital active learning methods which are proven to improve classroom engagement and knowledge retention. It looks like the pupils really enjoyed this project and unbeknownst to them, they have also been brushing up on their literacy skills by writing and reading their own scripts! Their enthusiasm speaks volumes and we think you’ll agree that this wouldn’t be case if they were asked to read a book about the Anglo-Saxons! Wold Academy are constantly pushing the boundaries of learning throughout the entire school so to see more of their fantastic work head over to their website or for regular updates and news visit their blog. To find out more about making use of green screen in your school, please contact a member of the team on 0844 579 0880 or email Twitter | Facebook