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We’ve teamed up with Activate Sport…

Over the summer we’ve teamed up with Activate Camps to produce various videos which can be used to promote active learning at your schools.

Anomaly had the pleasure to speak with Dom Taylor, Operations Manager at Active to see what he had to say.

Could you give us a bit of history about Activate?
“Activate started 11 years ago, we started as a very small company in Derbyshire. Since then we’ve grown and we’re now working with over 200 camps across the UK, we operate at over 50 different venues across the country. With some of our more high profile camps, we often have top professional sports players come down which is really good. We also specialise in several different areas of sports, for example, tennis, hockey, lacroix and so much more.”

What kind of work are you doing with schools already?
“We do a variety of different things with schools all over the country really. We have a good background of coaching and teaching schools so we can offer a solution to schools who may struggle with PE at their school. We work with over 300 coaches across the country so this allows us to pick the right staff to go into schools and offer support to teachers who made need it.”

What are the aims of Activate?
“In terms of our aims, our main aim is to get kids active. We try to inspire kids to get involved in sports by using top brands and sports personalities. For example, we’ve worked with Andrew Flintoff, Louis Smith and so many other high profile names. Inspiring kids with these top athletes, it normally encourages them to take sport more seriously.”

What are the future plans for Activate?
“We have some big plans, we’re always looking to expand our camps program. We’re always looking to expand that and make it more inclusive. We’re looking to increase the coaching awareness, so, for example, risk management, health and safety and more. We just want to keep going and keep providing a top quality service.”

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