What do schools think of Anomaly Film?

What do schools think of Anomaly Film? We’re glad you asked. In this blog post, hear the opinions from schools all over the UK about the most revolutionary project of 2015! Anomaly Film is the new, recently launched, digital experience that we are currently promoting at Anomaly.

Woodlands High School in Cardiff have had the kit for a short time, but they are already demonstrating how Anomaly Film can help SEN students to build confidence whilst learning new skills. Here’s what they had to say:

“We have been absolutely thrilled with the Anomaly Film kit and have used it for a number of projects in the short time we have had it. A year 7 class has created several short news items for ‘Woodlands TV’. We have made a music video to help students spell high-frequency words and 2 of our year 10 students are filming and editing a new G-Force film using the class guinea pigs! It is a great tool to develop a wide range of skills as well as providing our students with a huge boost in self-esteem.”
Shaw Wood Academy have been long-term customers to Anomaly. Previously they’ve gone as far to say that our training was “absolutely outstanding and atomic”. Here’s what they think:
“I am the ICT coordinator from Shaw Wood Academy. In Year 6 we have used the Anomaly Film equipment twice this week, with the children setting everything up, not me – it takes less than 10 minutes easily. We actually had it set up on Monday afternoon after a script writing session in the morning. During the morning session, we had DfE in and they actually said that as they couldn’t find fault with the lesson! They didn’t need to see the Anomaly Film session. They were really able to see the energy of the children because the whole class wanted to be ready for the recording session. Also, I think that it shows my confidence in the equipment and purpose of the resources that I was willing to use it during a DfE visit and I was honestly gutted that they couldn’t stick around to see it.”
Finham Primary have been Anomaly customers for a long time. They’re setting the standard for other schools on the digital scene. Here’s what they said about Anomaly Film:
“The Anomaly Film kit is fab. It was great to go through everything and have a team member from Anomaly confirm the aspects I already knew. I received some extra training to use the kit to its best use and I’m glad I did. I’m not much more comfortable using the Anomaly Film kit. We have incorporated the kit into our timetable and use it every Friday afternoon.”
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