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Schools Automated Fever Scanning Warning System

Anomaly Group - UK Suppliers to the Education Sector 
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Distributers of the worlds most established Infrared Automated Fever Scanning Systems. The systems are equipped with AI enabled facial detection delivering the most accurate data and suitable for both public and private sectors.
  • Market Leading Accuracy

  • Handheld/Tripod Mounted

  • Visual Display


FREE KN95 Face Masks for Schools

In an effort to protect our school teachers who are looking after the children of key workers we are sending masks out for FREE.

Online Resources
FREE active and educational resources for all primary school children.

To help schools and parents during this difficult time, we have released some of our content for free to the public. Topics range from physical activities, learning activities, mindfulness, health and wellbeing.

Health and Well-being

The Anomaly's production team develop content to target key health and well-being issues throughout the year. Using the schools noticeboards as a platform, Anomaly tries to encourage children and young people to take responsibility for their own health through their diet, fitness regime and dental care.

Mental Health

Anomaly is proud of the mental health content displayed on our screens. The school environment can have a significant effect on a young person’s mental health. Anomaly provides content that equips children with the understanding they need to process their mental health and the compassion they need to help others.

Global Citizenship

With OFSTED now assessing the extent to which spiritual, moral, social and cultural development are promoted in the schools, education leaders can support the fulfilment of these criteria by joining our community to share with and learn from other schools throughout the UK.

School Sports Premium...

We provides schools with an innovative and sustainable way to utilise their sports premium.

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Messaging for Everyone
Communicate with Ease

Our unique, indoor / oudoor system can help schools, community cohesion, global citizenship and parent communication, whilst addressing the important issues in young peoples daily life. The content is broadcast into the school using the technology you already have such as interactive whiteboards, overhead projectors or ordinary TV Screen’s, information can also be displayed on the schools website for parents to see or on our purpose built external units.

Short films can be accessed through our Web Library covering numerous topics such as:-
  • Personal Wellbeing

  • Growth Mind Set

  • Celebrating school life, achievements and raising aspirations

  • Mindfulness

  • Obesity

  • Internet and Web Safety

  • Racism

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Improve your schools OFSTED Grading

Anomaly has been instrumental in helping schools improve their OFSTED grading. The bespoke nature of the schools digital messaging system allows schools to specifically target and address issues highlighted by visiting OFSTED examiners, enabling schools to quickly and effectively act on their OFSTED feedback reports

Watch this short Video now...
Schools share a world of adventure, creativity, and opportunity for their pupils in this digital landscape which is their very own to design, build, share and explore.

To find out more about incorporating the Anomaly outdoor screens, digital signage, digital noticeboards or green screens with your school’s existing infrastructure, please get in touch with a member of the team who will be more than happy to help. 

T: 0845 833 3373