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Anomaly Digital Signage and Communication Systems.

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Anomaly Group is passionate about using innovative technologies to communicate important information (free from advertisements), to education, construction, manufacturing, utilities, energy, and numerous other market sectors. Our digital communications platform helps solve issues that otherwise go unsolved.

We have been installing our innovative range of external digital screens throughout the UK for 18 years with over 10,000 external screens being installed during that period.

Anomaly is more than digital signage, its an effective and proven communication system to engage, communicate and inform.

Phil Austin

Managing Director

Why Choose Anomaly Group?

We look at problems from different perspectives and find unexpected solutions. 

We are committed to using innovative technologies to improve communication, health, and wellbeing. Our interactive screen packages are personalised for our clients, providing a bespoke TV channel with your branding, custom content, and absolutely no advertisements. 

Managing Director, Phil, designed and built some of the earliest digital signage networks in the world. He founded The Life Channel to broadcast public health campaigns in GP surgeries.


The first step 

Anomaly were asked by the Prime Minister at the time, Tony Blair, to launch a similar initiative into schools to promote healthy lifestyles. We created engaging content to encourage children to stay active,


Gaining an

We expanded our range to include interactive outdoor and touchscreen displays. Our robust, sunlight readable outdoor screens have been rigorously engineered to enable digital communication in any location. 



We found limitless applications for our interactive screens and bespoke content. We created Anomaly Visual, a division of Anomaly, providing digital solutions to communicate with staff, clients and the public.


the Future 

Our health and wellbeing channel was now shown in 4,000 schools and we were looking for new ways to encourage children to stay active. Anomaly are now the ActivAll's exclusive supplier for UK schools. 


a Punch

Our public facing outdoor digital display screens have travelled as far as Copenhagen, and Anomaly’s health and wellbeing initiatives are now in schools across Singapore, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.