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An Effective Corporate Digital Signage Communication Tool

Our office digital signage is a solution for promoting and communicating your brand through internal communication.  Our digital screens are used within the workplace to enhance internal communications, share company updates, improve employee engagement, and boost motivation.

The popularity of workplace digital signage stems from its ability to supercharge internal communications through a wide variety of content. In a few clicks, critical messages can be created, applied, and deployed around an office in seconds.

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Our cloud-based technology, screens can be managed remotely from any location, saving the invaluable amount of time in printing and deployment costs.

Corporate offices are further enhancing the efficiency of their content delivery through powerful scheduling functionality, live data feeds, and automatic templates.

Frequently asked questions

Digital Signage for Corporate Offices

Are the screens durable?
Anomaly screens have been designed for both external and internal high-impact environments. Engineered steel frame combined with impact-resistant glass provides the highest level of protection and safety.
What is the cost of installation?
Anomaly screens are professional installed and and inclusive of your agreement. As with all of our products, ongoing training and support are provided as and when required to equip teachers with the skills they need to incorporate these active learning tools into lessons.