Internal and External Options

High-Quality Digital Display Screens from Anomaly

Anomaly’s digital display screens are an interactive digital alternative to conventional signage. All our display screens come with a cloud-based signage manager. This allows you to broadcast and communicate custom messages to your entire organisation in real-time.

Digital Display Screens

Fit for use in varying environments our digital display screens have been rigorously engineered. These highly durable impact resistant IP55 & IP65 digital display screens have been designed for both external and internal high-impact environments.

“Fully off grid” external TV system now available.

Anomaly’s solar powered, 12-volt, fully off-grid system consumes less than 100 watts and can easily be relocated within minutes. An interactive digital alternative to conventional signage for multiple sectors to keep workers, visitors and general public safe and informed. 

Deliver crucial information to site, independent of any external power or data source.

Anomaly’s innovative “fully off grid” digital signage system was most recently installed at BAM Nuttall Ltd.

 Situated outside the site office and the welfare pod, the screens are used to communicate with staff on site. Displaying health and safety reminders, PPE requirements, induction information, and also promotes staff wellbeing with mental health videos. 


Cloud-Based Digital
Signage Manager

With the Anomaly cloud-based signage software, there is nothing to install on your computer. From here you can create your very own channel with bespoke content at the touch of a button.


Custom Digital
Content Library

Gain access to our ever growing digital content of health, safety and well-being messages. Simply select ready-made content tailored to your industry, or share your own posters, videos and messages with ease and in real-time.



Multiple users in your organisation will be provided a secure login to access your playlist and Anomaly Screens. Allowing you to strengthen your communications with access from multiple locations.