Anomaly Screen

Digital Signage for Utility Facilities

Anomaly’s bespoke digital signage solution for utilities sites communicates health and safety information and company notices. Our range of indoor and outdoor display screens are suitable for any utility facility, displaying clear signage for staff, drivers and visitors. Access the cloud-based signage software to instantly update your screens from any location.

Manufacturing Digital Communication System

Anomaly display boards can improve communication for production and distribution logistics. Replace basic safety posters and signs with tailor-made digital signage for manufacturing, which helps keep your production staff safe and informed. Display key information such as health and safety signs, induction information, delivery routes, fire escapes, hygiene and safety reminders and company announcements.

The secure online signage platform allows you update multiple display screens instantly from any location. The content library is filled with ready-made videos and our design team creates digital signage personalised to match company branding, saving time and improving efficiency.

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Utilities Signage with a difference!

Anomaly has worked with some of the largest and most innovative utilities, manufacturing and construction companies across the UK and Europe. Our unique digital signage helps to improve communication, reduce risk and keep staff safe. Take a look how the Anomaly system differs from any other digital signage platform available for utility facilities.