5 Myths about Digital Signage

Digital signage can sometimes be confusing. Having a vast amount of experience in it, we feel like we need to clear a few things up! In this blog post, discover the top 5 myths about digital signage. Anomaly screens can bring many benefits to your school or business. But for some, there are a lot of things that you may not know about them. To dispel some of the myths about digital signage and Anomaly screens, we’ve put together this guide to assist you in making the move to a more digital environment. 

Myth #1 “Creating content for the screens is difficult/expensive”

This first statement is a MYTH! With Anomaly screens you do not need to worry about content being created. We handle everything behind the scenes to make sure your screen is up to date with the most relevant content for your school or workplace. Every month we post on our blog about upcoming content for our schools. The content has been specifically designed in line with the curriculum to make sure you are getting the most out of your screens. You can take a look at the monthly content for this month by clicking here. Not only do we have an in-house design team who are constantly creating monthly content for our schools, you can also display your own messages in real time. For example, if there is an event coming up at your school, why not display it on your Anomaly screen? You can include your own images to personalize your playlist along with videos and much more. 

Myth #2 “We might not have enough room for digital signage” 

Whilst this may be true, in most cases an alternative solution can be arranged for your screens. Once you enquire about the Anomaly service we immediately book for one of our talented engineers to come to your school or site to assess the area. Once our engineer is on site, they will find a suitable area to install your Anomaly screen. The best part is, it’s no hassle to you. We handle everything and make sure to give you a stellar service that you deserve. 

Myth 3 “The screens don’t actually help” 

Out of all of the myths listed, this has to be the biggest. Our screens can help schools meet criteria set by OFSTED about community cohesion and global citizenship. Not only this, but the content shown on the screens encourages healthy living and looking after our environment. The screens also push out content relevant to the current school curriculum, so you see; we really do cover everything that is part of every school’s core values! Our content is engaging, easy to follow and is usually placed at the heart of your playground for all to see. This same myth also applies to our Anomaly Hi-Vis service. Anomaly Hi-Vis displays content which will reduce risk across your work site and comply with regulations outlined by the HSE. 

Myth 4 “The system is far too complex” 

If you find yourself using this as an excuse not to use digital signage, you’ve obviously never seen our easy to use, Anomaly Content Manager. Anomaly Content Manager makes it easy for anyone to become a master of digital signage! All you have to do is browse our video archive and drop any video you like into your playlist. Our vast video library includes content on curriculum subjects, health and keeping active. We like to keep up to date with changes and updates to the curriculum, which is why we’re always creating new content to keep our videos fresh and engaging. Anomaly content manager is quick and simple to use – you can even update messages on the go from a smart phone, desktop or tablet. Some of the videos on the system cover relevant subjects such as English, Maths, Science, IT and many more. And don’t worry if you feel a bit confused, we offer training on the system as many times as you need it. Feel free to ring the office and book a training session! 

Myth 5 “I will be left on my own if I have a problem” 

And finally moving on to myth number 5. A lot of people are often curious to what happens after they’ve had their screen installed. Making sure you’re happy with our service is one of our main priorities. That’s why we have a help desk team who are able to answer every question your may have. Not only that but we will schedule regular training dates for someone to come down and make sure everything’s going OK with your new Anomaly equipment. So how does all that sound? If you would like to incorporate any Anomaly technology into your workplace or school, or find out more about our vast range of services in the education and construction sector please do not hesitate to call us on 0844 579 0880 or alternatively you can email us on the usual address info@anomalygroup.co.uk Twitter | Facebook