The system links the screens to the media player to allow the delivery of programmes through the School. The core content will be provided by Anomaly and adapted to suit the audience at the School, subject to approval from the School’s representative(s).

The system will allow the School to deliver crucial information to their student base. Areas often covered include Health, Diet, Drug and Alcohol Awareness campaigns and a variety of positive programmes celebrating school life. The School will be able to develop their own messaging to display project work, upcoming events, parent evenings, emergency messages, weekly awards, school sports results and many more. Anomaly will provide a conditional access web portal giving the schools the opportunity to upload their own information to the system.

General Requirements

The installation of all standard equipment will normally be completed within 8 weeks of signing the contract. Non-standard installations may take longer.

The School confirms that it will provide Broadband connectivity to enable the delivery of content to the schools’ player through the internet. In the event that the school is unable to provide such connection then the company may provide a dedicated broadband connection the cost of which will be recharged to the School.

The School agrees to insure the equipment installed by the Company and indemnify the Company against material loss or damage of equipment. The Company reserves the right to request sight of necessary insurance documentation. The School agrees to provide liability insurance cover for the equipment installed by the Company.

Should the Company be sold, the terms of this agreement and the rights associated with it remain unaffected.

The School and the Company confirm that this agreement is a legally binding contract.

Subject to the conditions regarding payment below, this agreement shall not be transferred without the written consent of either party, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld.

Additional Provisions

All equipment can be located and installed in areas to be as sympathetic as possible to the surroundings. The School is ultimately responsible for determining the final location and its overall suitability in consideration of aesthetics, practicality and safety against damage, injury or theft.

If required, the seeking of planning permissions with landlords and authorities will be the responsibility of the School.

The Company will supply on demand any risk assessments or method statements concerning the installation that maybe required by The School.

Total veto rights will be given to the School with regard to sponsors that they wish not to be showcased through Anomaly’s television network.

The School will be responsible for keeping the installed equipment in a good clean condition and will arrange for it to be safely returned to the Company on the expiry or termination of the agreement at the schools expence.

All equipment installed by the Company will remain the property of the Company or its assignees at all times.

The Company is responsible for the maintenance, repair or replacement of any equipment it has provided as part of the service delivery, but may charge a fee to resolve problems which are the responsibility of the school, including but not limited to (a) powered-off equipment (b) unplugged cables (c) damaged equipment or (d) misconfigured equipment.

The Company Responsibilities

For the purposes of this agreement, the programme is called “Anomaly Schools Television Network”

For the fee stated within this agreement, the Company agrees to install screens (if required) and associated equipment, to the school’s specifications, in order to receive broadcasts from Anomaly in the school premises and provide the school’s program content and service.

The School agrees to provide access to the premises should the Company need to remove or attend to the equipment.

The Company does not limit the amount of School produced content on the system.

In the fullness of time a small proportion of the program will be dedicated to Government Agency messaging, Council led information, and appropriate Regional/National sponsors as well as the Company’s own promotional material. The Company encourages involvement from the School at all stages and will incorporate (where possible) the School’s own content. A facility for the School to directly update content to the system will be implemented once the system is fully operational.

The Company is not responsible for the appropriateness of school-generated content.

The Company does not endorse, support, or encourage any particular point of view put forward in school generated content. Responsibility for Copyright clearance of school generated content rests with the school, whether produced by the school or acquired by the school. This applies to music, images, intellectual property, trademarks, and any other copyright infringement.

The school is responsible for seeking parental consent for children to appear on the screen and obtaining appropriate contributor’s release forms. The Company expects the school to operate within the guidelines of OFCOM, namely not to air material that might impair the physical, moral or mental development of young people, to promote equal opportunities, to demonstrate due impartiality, to cause no offence or incite racial hatred and observe the boundaries of good taste and decency.

The Company will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that there will be a constant flow of informative and educational messages.

The Company will not approach for sponsorship nor enter into an agreement with any organisation that the School has previously requested should not be approached.

The Company agrees to approach the School’s own recommendations for sponsorship before any other.

The School Responsibilities

The School agrees to host this service on the above basis for the minimum period shown on the front of this Agreement.

The School agrees to use the Anomaly Schools Television Network throughout term times.

The School will grant the Company full exclusivity to such TV based media for the lifetime of this agreement.

The School will, after proof of concept, work with the Company to help promote the Anomaly Schools Television Network into other educational arenas (This may be written or verbal commendation and, from time to time to accommodate a site visit to see the network in operation).


The payment specified covers installation work and the provision of the Anomaly Schools Television Network over the period of the agreement, and the School is unconditionally obligated to make this payment in full, on the agreed payment terms, once the installation is complete.

Installation shall be deemed to be complete and accepted by the School unless the School notifies the Company in writing to the contrary within 14 days of equipment installation.

Where the School has opted to pay by installments, these payments are due and unconditionally payable on the dates and in the amounts set out in the additional rental Agreement.

The School hereby consents to the Company assigning all or part of the payment installments now or in the future, as part of its usual course of business, and agrees to make payment of the installments as directed by the Company or its

General Terms And Conditions

  • The proposal in its entirety, as set out throughout this document, form part of the Terms & Conditions.
  • This agreement shall be for an initial minimum period of 36 months and shall continue thereafter on an annual basis. If the School wishes to terminate this agreement they must do so by giving 3 months written notice prior to the end of either the initial agreement or subsequent annual renewal agreements. Payments will be due at the dates specified within this agreement and any subsequent payments will become due on the first day after the initial period and each anniversary thereafter and will be equivalent to 12 months service based on the total payment made for the initial minimum period.
  • Any notice given under this agreement shall be in writing and sent by first class recorded delivery mail to the relevant party as set out in this agreement, or to other addresses as that party shall from time to time notify the other party in accordance with this clause. Such notice shall be treated as being served on the day of receipt by the addressee.
  • Neither party shall have any liability or be deemed to be in breach of this agreement for any delays or failures in the performance of this agreement that results from circumstances beyond the reasonable control of that party. The party affected by such circumstances shall promptly notify the other party in writing when such circumstances cause a delay or a failure in performance, and when they cease to do so.
  • In the event that a school cancels an order prior to installation and goods and costs have been incurred as a result of a signed order confirmation, a cancellation / re-stocking fee equivalent to 15% of the total order value, will be immediately payable by the School, in order that the company may recover any of its costs associated with the transaction and to restore its original position had the order confirmation not been received.
  • In consideration of the Company supplying the programme broadcast service, library of pre-recorded programmes for selection, and capability for the School to broadcast its own content, the School agrees to transmit the programme broadcast service at all times when The School is open to students and public.
  • The School shall allow access to the Company and its authorised representatives to enter the venue during normal office hours for the purpose of inspecting, maintaining, and repairing equipment supplied by Anomaly.
  •  This agreement covers the venue whose address is at the head of this agreement.
  •  This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.