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Health and Safety Digital Displays for Nuclear Power Plants

Communicate health and safety information at nuclear power stations using Anomaly’s bespoke digital displays and signage solution. Our range of indoor and outdoor digital display screens suit any location, displaying clear signage for your staff. Access the cloud-based signage software to instantly update your screens from any location.

Replace conventional safety signage with ready-made video content which is easily understood. Anomaly screens at thermal power stations can display key information for workers, such as health and safety signs, induction information, evacuation routes, site plans, hygiene and safety reminders and company announcements.

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Power Plant Signage with a difference!

Anomaly has worked with some of the largest and most innovative nuclear power, construction and manufacturing companies across the UK and Europe. Our unique digital signage helps to improve communication, reduce risk and keep staff safe. Take a look how the Anomaly system differs from any other digital signage platform available for nuclear power stations.
Frequently asked questions

Digital Displays for Nuclear

Are the screens durable?
Anomaly screens have been designed for both external and internal high-impact environments. Engineered steel frame combined with impact-resistant glass provides the highest level of protection and safety.
What is the cost of installation?
Anomaly screens are professional installed and and inclusive of your agreement. As with all of our products, ongoing training and support are provided as and when required to equip teachers with the skills they need to incorporate these active learning tools into lessons.